my name is Nadia, that is the short version! The long one is Nadia Mourad-Grethe, but let's keep to Nadia.

I love colours and brushes, and after many trials with studies here and there, be it in architecture, languages,  watercolours, children book illustrations,  jewellery making.... I have landed full hearteadly on porcelain painting. 

I lived in various countries and continents,   and got influenced by the colors and spirits of different  cultures.

Today   I am creating  my own designs on high-quality  bone china. My technique is  overglaze. My pieces are fired in my own kiln  at 800° Celsius, and are  dishwasher-safe.

  Should you have any particular idea you would like to see realized on porcelain, please feel free to contact me, and we take it from there.

Enjoy !